Is Wrestling Fake?: Pro Wrestling For Beginners:

by | Oct 18, 2023

The Oh, Wrestling Pro Wrestling For Beginners series continues by answering the age-old question of "is wrestling fake?"

Cut to the chase: Is wrestling fake? No. Professional wrestling matches are “scripted,” not fake. Outcomes are predetermined (barring any mishaps that require calling an audible in the ring). The bumps wrestler’s take are as real as it gets. Wrestler’s put their health and safety on the line for the enjoyment of fans worldwide.

Is Pro Wrestling Fake? Scripted vs. Fake Fighting: Separating Fact from Fiction

It’s safe to call wrestling video games fake – Is Wrestling Fake: Pro Wrestling for Beginners

Are you a new fan who finds themselves wondering “is wrestling is fake?” Well, let Oh, Wrestling clear a few things up for you and dispell such vile thoughts. It’s certainly a topic that sparks heated debates among enthusiasts and non wrestling fans. The key is to understand the destinction between “fake” and “scripted”. Today we set the record straight and explore the difference between scripted and fake fighting in the world of professional wrestling.

The Showbiz Side of Wrestling

First things first, folks. Pro wresting is “scripted.” That isn’t a secret. The advent of the internet has washed away any doubt of that fact. It’s also right there in the term “sports entertainment.” The entertainment aspect suggests a level of fiction, but really refences the storytelling incorporated in wrestling matches through promos and ring work. And if you’ve ever caught a promo from legends like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin from WWE or Chris Jericho from AEW, you know the importance and impact of incredible storytelling and matches in the wrestling world.

Storylines keep fans invested in pro wrestling. It’s the stories on the mic and in the ring that create legendary figures like Roman Reigns in WWE, Kenny Omega in AEW, or Kazuchika Okada in New Japan Pro Wresting. We’re on the edge of our seats to see how these tales unfold, and these superstars are incredible at pulling us into their wrestling narratives.

Predetermined Outcomes

Yes, it’s true that most wrestling matches have their outcomes predetermined. That doesn’t make the athleticism and physicality any less real. The wrestlers get in that ring and put their bodies on the line for the sake of entertaining us. Ricochet can’t fake a crowd dive onto Shinsuke Nakamura during Monday Night Raw. That leap of pure faith is real. The dangers lessened by the wrestler’s ability to protect each other. That’s genuine athletic prowess, folks.

These wrestlers aren’t faking anything. They’re true athletes who dedicate their lives to their craft.

Safety First

Safety is a priority in pro wrestling. Even in the Deathmatches people love these days. Safe matches are essential to maintaining kayfabe. It’s the responsibility of the wrestlers and refs to make sure every wrestler on the card goes home to their families. The scripted nature comes into play by outlining high spots so wrestlers know what to expect and prepare themselves for the chaos about to ensue.

Referees like Charles Robinson or “Red Shoes” Hiroyuki Unno are the guardians of the ring. Refs ensure everyone follows the rules, stop matches if needed, and prioritize the performers’ safety. In most cases, wrestlers rehearse their matches meticulously, ensuring moves flow smoothly and safely. A match called on the fly in the ring mitigates risk with each wrestler fully trusting their partner. Thier chemestry and trust are the key components to a safe outcome.

It’s Real to me!

Scripted vs. fake fighting is a distinction that deserves attention. Storylines and outcomes are scripted, but wrestler’s passion, physicality, athleticism, and risks are as real as it gets. Pro wrestling is the perfect blend of scripted narratives and genuine athleticism. It’s what makes pro wrestling such a beloved spectacle for us fans around the world.

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