Anatomy of Wrestling Matches: Pro Wrestling for Beginners

by | Oct 18, 2023

Our Pro Wrestling for Beginners series deciphers the anatomy of wrestling matches and answers, "How Do Pro Wrestling Matches Work?"

Oh, Wrestling presents Pro Wrestling for Beginners! It’s time to decipher the anatomy of a wrestling match and answer the question, “How Do Pro Wrestling Matches Work!

Whether you’re a seasoned wrestling aficionado or a newbie to the squared circle, there’s something undeniably magical about watching two pro wrestlers go head-to-head in a classic showdown. Take my hand, and let’s go on a ringside journey through a typical professional wrestling match, from the bell to bell.

How Do Pro Wrestling Matches Work?

The Wrestlemania Match we should have seen – Anatomy of Wrestling Matches

The Entrance

Before the action starts, there is a buzz of excitement for who’s music is about to hit. The air is thick with excitement as fans, young and old, eagerly await the entrance of their favorite superstar. Music blares through the arena as the first wrestler’s theme starts, and the crowd erupts in thunderous cheers or cacophonous boos.

Wrestlers and their gimmicks are larger-than-life personas. Their entrances are spectacles of pyrotechnics, dramatic lighting, and charismatic swagger. The crowd’s roar reaches a fever pitch as the wrestler struts down the ramp and into the squared circle.


Once both competitors are in the ring, the tension escalates. They square off in the center, trash-talking or exchanging intense stares, building the anticipation for the physical confrontation. The referee ensures both wrestlers for the impending chaos.

Locking Up:

And there’s the bell! With the signal from the referee, the match officially begins. The wrestlers circle each other, testing the waters. They eventually “lock up,” with their hands and arms intertwined, trying to gain the upper hand. The crowd watches in anticipation as they struggle for control, showcasing their strength and technique.

High Impact Moves:

Professional wrestling is known for its high-impact moves that leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Belly-To-Back suplexes, DDTs, top rope moonsaults, body slams, knee-lifts, and spin-out power bombs are all on display. Each move is executed with precision and power, and the ring resounds with the impact. The pain and athleticism are palpable as fans wince at every massive thud.

Submission Holds:

To really slap on the hurt, wrestlers like Shayna Baszler often employ devestating submission holds to wear down their opponents limbs and will as the match unfolds. These moves target joints and muscles, applying excruciating pressure to make continuing the match risk. The crowd’s emotions mirror the wrestlers’ pain and determination as they battle out of the joint manipulations. These holds can last agonizing minutes, and the audience can feel the tension.

Outside the Ring:

Matches often spill outside the ring, taking the action to the floor. Wrestlers toss each other into barriers, throw each other into the steel steps, and use steel chairs or tables as weapons. The chaos and unpredictability are what make these moments so electrifying.

The Comeback:

Even when a wrestler is dominating the match, the tide can turn instantly. The crowd’s energy shifts as the underdog makes a comeback. With a burst of adrenaline, they pull off incredible feats of athleticism and resilience, defying the odds and putting the favorite in a compromising position. It’s a moment that elicits deafening cheers, boos, and chants from the audience.


Every wrestler has various signature moves, the most devestating ones known as “finishers.” Finishers are executed with finesse and devestating impact and often spell the end for the opponent. The anticipation builds as the wrestler calls for and sets up their finishing move, and the crowd holds its collective breath. When it connects, the fans know the end is near.

Near Falls:

Sometimes a wrestler kicks out just before the referee gets the three-count. These near falls are some of the most heart-pounding moments in professional wrestling. The crowd is convinced it’s over, but the match continues. Wrestlers often exchange multiple near falls, keeping the audience rapt attention.

The Climax:

The climax of the match is where the match and in-ring story reaches its peak. After a grueling battle between competitors, the wrestlers are physically exhausted, and the stakes are at their highest. They pull out all the stops, executing their most devastating signatures and finishers, while countering each other’s attempts. The crowd’s cheers and boos mirror the action in the ring, and every move feels like a potential finish.

The Pinfall:

Finally, after a series of brutal exchanges, one wrestler manages to execute a decisive finishing move. With their opponent down and seemingly out, they go for the pinfall. The referee slides into position, and the count begins: “One! Two!” The crowd’s collective heartbeat seems to stop as they watch, their emotions teetering on the brink. Will it be three?

The Three-Count:

In that dramatic moment, when the referee’s hand comes down for the third time, the crowd erupts in celebration or outright rage. The winner is declared, and the loser, whether hero or villain, lies defeated in the center of the ring. The emotion in the arena is electric, and the energy is palpable.

As the victorious wrestler celebrates their hard-fought victory, the crowd shares in the triumph. The loser is left to slink away as the light shines on the match victor.

Anamotmy of Pro Wrestling Matches

Anatomy of Pro Wrestling Matches, check!

Wrestling matches are rollercoasters of emotions.From bell to bell, it’s are unique blends of storytelling, athleticism, and crowd interaction that keep fans invested for generations. So, the next time you find yourself ringside or watching from home, remember that every wrestling match is a story, and the pinfall is the climactic destination.

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