Wrestlers who never won the Royal Rumble, but should have

by | Jan 27, 2024

Plenty have competed, almost all have lost. Let's go over some wrestlers who never won the Royal Rumble, but should have.

WWE’s Royal Rumble has been dominating pro wrestling since 1988. In that time, roughly 1,118 men have competed in the event. That’s not counting Chyna, Nia Jax, and the farse that was the 50 man rumble in Saudi Arabia. That’s a lot of asses getting tossed out the ring. Some have won multiple times, others have gone from #1 to the top of the heap. Then there are the countless guys who could have won and we would have cheered our heads off. Here’s a list of wrestlers who never won the rumble, but could have. And possibly should have.

Shelton Benjamin

I will never forgive WWE for not betting more heavily on Shelton Benjamin. He was a better athlete than most of the roster and cabable enough to clear a ring if need be. A shot of the Gold Standard on the top rope, surrounded by fireworks after a Royal Rumble win would be a sight many would have loved to see. It’s not too late, but its also pretty late.


He holds the record for most Rumble appearances, and eliminations with 46. Are you telling me anyone would bat an eye if he won the whole damn thing? The answer is a big, red, no. I would have loved a Kane win, especially if he never pointed at that blasted sign. Which is a dumb thing people started doing, by the way.

Mr. Perfect

It’s in his name. The man was the perfect professional wrestler. There is no doubt in my mind that his perfection could have carried him all the way to the final entrant, where his perfect form would toss that last imperfect person out of the ring. All leading to a perfect win at Wrestlemania.


Let’s be real, when Chyna entered the Rumble in 1999, everyone popped. Could you imagine her making it to the end and winning? They pulled the trigger and made her Intercontinental Champion run, a Royal Rumble win would fit perfectly in her Hall of Fame career. And who’s arguing with Chyna vs The Rock for the World title at Wrestlemania? Actually, probably a lot of people but damn would it have been entertaining.

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