Jimmy Uso vs Jey Uso at Wrestlemania 40 is the match to make

by | Nov 22, 2023

Jimmy Uso vs Jey Uso is the only Wrestlemania 40 match for these two legends. Let's make it happen HHH!

During an interview with Billboard, Jey said his brother Jimmy is at the top of his list of Wrestlemania opponents. In kayfabe, it makes total sense. Their split was a big deal as the Bloodline crumbled around them. It makes even more sense as a childhood dream come true for the Usos. Jimmy Uso vs Jey Uso on the Wrestlemania 40 marquee would be a huge draw. These two have come a long way from their painted-face days, garnering praise as one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history. Their eventual clash on their grandest stage is the only match to make.

Main Event Jey Uso.

Jey Uso

WWE is pushing Jey as one of the top babyfaces in the company, specifically on Raw. He’s been associated with Cody Rhodes, their #1 guy, winning the tag team titles together. Jey is part of the “good guys” main event team at Survivor Series 2023. The crowd launches out of their seat whenever his music hits, and his “YEET” catchphrase, for all of its outdated glory, is over as hell. A Wrestlemania spot is all but guaranteed. The only question is, who will he take on?

Will it be Seth Rollins for the WWE Heavyweight championship? How about Gunther in an Intercontinental clash? It could be against Drew, Damien, or any big-time heel on Raw, but no match makes sense other than his “evil” brother, Jimmy.

The problem with Jimmy, the “Enforcer.”

The only hiccup in this plan is that Jimmy is not a credible threat to his brother. Jimmy is constantly losing over on the blue brand, Smackdown. Most of those losses are at the hands of the megastar LA Knight. If Jimmy is to battle his Main Event brother on the big stage at ‘Mania, he will need his heel profile raised a bunch. The only issue is Smackdown is devoid of high-profile babyfaces for Jimy to bounce off. AJ Styles already provided a bump, but who else can step up and give Jimmy the rub he needs to be a main event heel? He is currently standing in the shadow of Roman and his younger brother Solo, and that’s a big problem.

Jimmy doesn’t need to break away from the Bloodline, but he does need to rise in its ranks to be the #2 that Jey was to Roman for all those years. It’s that, or he has to make a name for himself, clobbering faces and being his smarmy self. Something needs to flip to make the Uso battle at Wrestlemania 40 viable.

The Brightside

Jimmy Uso vs Jey Uso at Wrestlemania 40 is the match to make

Regardless of how we get there or if Jimmy’s character takes a turn for the better, a Jimmy vs Jey Wrestlemania match will tear the house down, regardless. Fulfilling their childhood dreams of taking each other to the limit on their grandest stage will be more than enough motivation to put on a legendary match. There is no other match I am more excited to get made than these two clashing in Philidelphia in 2024. And at the end, let them embrace, cry, and make history.

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