Edge in AEW!?: The 5-Count

by | Oct 2, 2023

Edge in AEW!? Never say never in wrestling. It's time for the 5-Count, Oh, Wrestling's premiere internet list of trending wrestling topics.

Wait a minute, is that Edge in AEW? Welcome to the 5-Count! Oh, Wrestling’s premiere countdown list of five trending topics from the previous week in wrestling. Let’s kick it off right!

Edge in AEW?! Yup, that happened.

Via All Elite Wrestling
Via All Elite Wrestling

Adam Copeland hopped in his muscle car and debuted in AEW at Wrestledream this past Sunday. It’s been rumored for weeks that Edge was on his way to the house that Tony Khan built. The Rated R Superstar is All Elite, equipped with his legendary Metalingus entrance theme (You Think You Know HIM). I have to say, it shocked me to my bones and back. Good for Edge (Adam) for jumping and starting fresh in AEW. I never thought I would see the day Edge wasn’t part of WWE. Never say never in wrestling, right?

Jade Cargill is all WWE!

Are AEW and WWE having backroom deals to trade top talent? Sure seems that way. Jade Cargill is now a WWE Superstar, with a debut imminent. With Edge in AEW, Jade must be coming to a WWE program near you soon. The greatest TBS Champion in AEW’s (short) history, Jade put the entire women’s locker room on notice. What role she will play in the Women’s Divison is yet to be seen. I hope they use her as a catalyst to add a new women’s title to the mix and give the roster new gold and opportunities to chase. How about the WWE Women’s Live Championship? Just a thought.

20 superstars released from WWE following TKO creation

This one is a bit of old news but still relevant. Popular WWE Superstars like Matt Riddle, Mustafa Ali, Shelton Benjamin, and Dolf Ziggler were released along with a number of other locker room talent. After some reflection, I realized that many people on the list were either unused or actively buried on live TV (looking at you, Top Dolla). It’s never good when talent is released, but the wrestling business has never been more diverse, so there are opportunities for all of them. There are even rumors the likes of Riddle, Ali, and Ziggler are already being courted by Impact Wrestling.

LA Knight teams with John Cena at Fastlane

LA Knight continues his megastar rise with a tag team match with the “Greatest Of All Time” John Cena. With Knight in a program with The Bloodline, it’s only a matter of time before he crosses paths with Roman. Will he be the one to take the title from The Tribal Chief? No, but it will certainly solidify his standing as one of WWE’s top guys. In the meantime, the company looks to give Knight more shine by pairing him with their former company figurehead.

NXT No Mercy crowns new champ in Ilja Dragunov

There is a new top dog in NXT and it’s the incredible Ilja Dragunov. He defeated Carmello Hayes in a banger match at NXT No Mercy to become the new NXT Champion. This gives Hayes a clear shot to the main roster and leaves Dragunov to carry the brand and continue putting respect on the NXT Championship. Not to mention Trick Williams capturing his first gold in the North American Championship. New champs means new stories in the black and gold (forever black and gold).

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