Dexter Lumis is Bryan Fury from Tekken 7, Right?

by | Nov 29, 2022

Dexter Lumis is just Bryan Fury from the Tekken Series, right? They are blonde cyborgs with singular emotions. I may be wrong...

I’ve only recently returned to professional wrestling and was unfamiliar with Dexter Lumis from NXT. Dexter’s return to WWE and subsequent promotion to the main roster are well-received. This is mostly due to his creepy stalker angle and the no-sell from WWE’s production staff. His showing up weekly to confusion and fear helped elevate his angle. Sadly, the story fizzled. Not even The Miz, WWE’s go-to gatekeeper of “new” talent, could completely get the angle over.

All that said, Dexter Lumis has a great look, and his android-like style is certainly unique to the red brand. The closer I look at this expertly coifed cybernetic stalker, the more he reminds me of Bryan Fury from the Tekken series.

Bryan Fury

Bryan Fury is a cybernetically enhanced dead guy, reanimated to kick everyone’s ass in the Tekken series. He periodically drags a random girder around. Based on how Kofi Kingston utilizes Bryan during the Up Up Down Down streams, he’s an effective mauler.

That’s just Dexter Lumis, right? I don’t know what inspired Lumis’ gimmick, but if Dexter shows up on Up Up Down Down during a Good Ass Tekken video and absolutely wrecks the stalwarts with a custom Bryan, I would not be surprised. The two cyborgs look similar, have the same brutish style and are both blonde androids. The difference is Lumis has a heart of gold. At least for now, based on his contract match win on Monday Night Raw).

GImmick inspiration comes from everywhere, and this new crop of talent obviously pulls from video games. I’m here for it.

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