Are you still rooting for LA Kniht?

by | Jul 1, 2024

Is LA Knight still your top guy Do you believe the back half of 2024 will be his time to shine?

It feels like a lifetime ago that LA Knight skyrocketed to mega-stardom, pulling the total weight of WWE Fan support along with him. His rise to fame has been accompanied by booking criticisms. Many feel the Mega Star should have captured WWE Gold long ago, while others have yet to buy into the hype that is the throwback star, Los Angeles Knight.

Recently, Knight captured his second attempt at the Money in the Bank briefcase, previously losing the opportunity to one Damien Priest (who turned it into a triumphant Wrestlemania moment cash-in to with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship). The idea that LA Knight gets another shot at the briefcase raises many questions. Is WWE pulling the trigger on the LA Knight Rocketship? If he wins, will he do the dumb thing and cash-in on Logan Paul? Is another successful cash-in even possible after two previous years?

Are you hoping for an LA Knight Win?

LA Knight, YEAH
LA Knight, YEAH

Even if Knight wins, you must look at the Champion’s landscape. There is no way LA Knight cashes in on Cody Rhodes and walks away the champ. Cody is the Golden Child, Face-Of-The-Company-Man. No matter how famous a star is, WWE isn’t sacrificing its potential ‘Mania story for a quick fan pop for Knight.

Perhaps Knight moves to Raw (something that should have happened a year ago) and cashes in on the Heavyweight or IC champ. A Monday Knight Raw run could be the injection LA needs to reach his ultimate superstardom.

More likely is Logan Paul will cost Knight his Money In The Bank shot and move them both on to a major match at Summerslam next month.

A weary fan believes.

I hope Knight finds his place on the roster as the mid-to-top guy he should be. He’s floundered lately due to more significant storylines taking a front seat to push PLEs. The man puts on consistently fun matches, has tailored his move set to be a compelling storyteller, and keeps the crowd engaged on the mic. His movement up the card depends on once again being injected naturally into a big storyline. His beef with Wonder Boy Logan Paul is the potential push he needs to hit that cap.

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